Our bureau

The board members appoint a management team, which chooses a chief executive officer.

40 employees and permanent volunteers working every day.
In addition, we have hundreds of volunteers working in France and abroad.

Meet the team

Dr Eric CHEYSSON, Head of Vascular Surgery at the René Dubos hospital in Pontoise, France 
Dr Philippe VALENTI, hand surgeon at Clinique Jouvenet in Paris, France 
Dr Daniel ROUX, heart surgeon at Rangueil Hospital in Toulouse, France 

Dr Sylvain CHAUVAUD, cardiovascular surgeon in Paris, France 
Françoise MONARD, Senior Consultant  
Emile DINET, CEO of the Seny group

The members 
Professor Gérard BABATASI, Head of Heart Surgery and Heart Transplant Surgery at university hospital CHU Côte de Nacre in Caen, France 
Valérie BERNIS, Deputy CEO of GDF Suez 
Gonzague DESFORGES, Middle Eastern Programmes Director for La Chaîne de l'Espoir 
Denis DUVERNE, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of AXA 
Professor Antoine LAFONT, Head of Surgical Cardiology and International Affairs at the European hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris, France 
Sébastien PRAT, partner at Cabinet BREDIN PRAT law firm
Dr Michel CYMES, ENT specialist at the European hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris, France
Jean-François DELEVAL, engineer
Philippe DUMAS, Inspector-General of Finances 
Jacques MAILLOT, founding chairman of Nouvelles Frontières 
Dr Xavier RAINGEVAL, anaesthetist at Clinique Jouvenet in Paris, France 
Pr Yann REVILLON, Professor of paediatric surgery
Pr François-Xavier ROUX, neurosurgeon
Dr Dominique TOURNAY, cardiovascular anaesthetist 
AP/HP hospital group (the largest hospital system in Paris and its suburbs) - represented by Florence Weber, General Director

Professor Dominique JAN, paediatric visceral surgeon, USA 
Mandate: since 1998