Our aid project

Saving children today, building a brighter world for tomorrow

La Chaîne de l’Espoir is a French non-profit working with disadvantaged children. Since 1994, we have worked around the world to provide access to healthcare and education. Our organisation was founded by Professor Alain Deloche and is currently chaired by Dr Eric Cheysson.

Our missions


  • Provide medical treatment, in France or abroad, for children who cannot access the care they need in their country of origin because of lack of funding or facilities.
  • Train local medical personnel on the ground in various paediatric specialties.
  • Supply the equipment needed for treating children.
  • Renovate or build local hospital facilities. 
  • Provide emergency relief during emergencies.


  • Ensure the education of children through school programmes.


Our commitment

Sustainable action 
We give priority to humanitarian objectives and oversee the running of our projects with evaluations and field visits. 

Non- discrimination 
We work in any area that has insufficient or inexistent health or educational systems; regardless of nationality, race, sex or religion.  

Total transparency 
We hold ourselves accountable to our donors, both public and private.

Given in trust 
We are endorsed by the French Charter Committee (Comité de la Charte), which independently certifies and monitors our adherence to an Ethical Charter.

Our ethics

  • A professional approach to our work
  • Respect for all
  • Impartial management
  • Consistency over the long-term

Our work in numbers

  • 100,000 children benefit from health programmes every year
  • 5,000 children undergo surgery every year
  • 11,000 children benefit from education programmes every year
  • 200 international missions every year
  • 250 medical professionals and volunteer paramedics every year
  • 300 host families working all over  around France