Health education

Poverty adversely affects the health of children – poor sanitation, malnutrition, inexistent healthcare, a lack of information or prevention… all these factors leaves them vulnerable to disease.

Going beyond education

To ensure that children benefit fully from schooling, we have included a health element in our education programmes, 

Children face major sanitation problems in the countries where we work. Our support is adapted to their specific issues:

Access to healthcare :
In Togo, Thailand, India…

Hygiene awareness and prevention :
In Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Togo…

Nutrition : 
In Togo, Thailand, Haiti, India…

Concrete actions

Medical check-ups, dental and optical care, a mobile medical unit, the handing-out of hygiene kits or food parcels, school meals… find out more about our work in each country.

Actions on the ground
inde programme education
India : Education Programme
Our education programme in India has fostered the education of children in extremely vulnerable situations Discover the action
thailande programme education
Thailand: Education Program
La Chaîne de l’Espoir’s first education programme, initially targeted children from the slums of Bangkok Discover the action
nepal programme education
Nepal: Education Programme
La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been active in Nepal through its prevention by education programme Discover the action
haiti programme education
Haiti: Education Programme
In Haiti access to and quality of education are still major problems Discover the action
Togo : Santé scolaire
Discover the action