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Gardening and Handiwork for Thai Schoolchildren

Sundays at the House of Hope in Thailand mean gardening and handiwork!

What’s going on at the House of Hope in Thailand? Construction of a laying nest for the twenty-some hens recently arrived. Our weekend handymen have used pallets recycled by La Chaîne de l’Espoir staff and the laying nest should be completed with worn-out furniture given away by schools. An almost equal number of boys and girls shared creativity and craftsmanship.

In the garden, only girls were at work! Our young female horticulturalists were particularly skilled in propagating plants. They placed coconut-based soil bags around branches of rose and fruit trees. In a few weeks, roots will start developing and cuttings will be replanted or sold in the village. Next project on our gardeners’ list: the construction of a mushroom farm!

Warm congratulations to our Thai schoolchildren!