Treating children in France

Our mission hasn’t changed since the creation of La Chaîne de l’Espoir – treating seriously ill children from poor countries. And although we are ever more present in these countries, bringing children to France rests one of our main tasks.

A commitment at the heart of our history

We organise the reception and treatment by volunteers of children who would be condemned in their own country due to the lack of suitable facilities. Since we started our work, 3,000 children have received treatment in this way.
The name of the organisation (Chain of Hope) is inspired by the series of steps involved in the treatment of each case:

  • Detection of illnesses by doctors on the ground
  • The child travels to France
  • A host family takes charge of the child
  • Surgical intervention and convalescence
  • The child returns to their family

Treatment in France during 2019 - key statistics

85 children were transferred to France for surgery including:

  • 76 for heart diseases
  • 4 for urology
  • 3 for reconstructive surgery
  • 2 for orthopedics
  • 1 for neurology
  • 1 for pediatric surgery