Important Visits in Kabul

The ambassador visits a patient
The ambassador meeting the children
The ambassador visit

On Sunday 26th June, we had the pleasure to welcome at the FMIC Excellency M. François RICHIER, new French ambassador in Kabul.

It was a great opportunity to show him around the different hospital services, the building dedicated to the postdoctoral formation of Afghan doctors, as well as the future Zanjir e Omed’s House and Mother and Child Centre, both under construction and for which the opening is scheduled for the fall.

We wish to welcome our new ambassador to Afghanistan and would like to thank him for this visit, a symbol of the French government valuable support to La Chaîne de l’Espoir’s actions in Afghanistan.

The First Lady’s advisor visit

On Wednesday 22nd June, we had the honour to receive Dr. Fawzia ALAM at the Afghan Children’s House.

The Afghan First Lady’s Medical Affairs Advisor has met the children and their parents present at the House.

In her speech, she expressed the interest and appreciation that the First Lady’s Cabinet has for La Chaîne de l’Espoir’s actions in Afghanistan.

As the next step, Dr. ALAM is planning a visit of the FMIC, as well as of the Zanjir e Omed’s House which will be inaugurated in September 2016.

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