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The incredible story of Bissie & Eyenga, former conjoined twins

Bissie and Eyenga discover the world separetely now.

One-year-old Bissie and Eyenga were conjoined twins from a small rural town in Cameroon. Considered as a curse, Mayah, their mother, suffered from social rejection and was unsure about her daughters’ health. La Chaîne de l’Espoir crossed their paths and transferred the small family to France for separation surgery.

Thanks to the incredible chain of hope, the necessary funds were collected for the operation and the twins have been admitted in the Hospices Civils of Lyon for a heavy separation procedure supervised by Pr Pierre-Yves Mure and his teams. During the preoperative and postoperative time, Bissie, Eyenga and their mother have been welcomed in a host family who supported them during the whole hospitalization.

Indeed, in addition to the separation surgery, it has been discovered that Bissie suffered from a cardiopathy. Fortunately, all the operations went well and the twins have recovered completely, growing up fast and are now discovering the world separately now. Once perfectly healthy, they returned home to Cameroon, after a medical journey of nearly two months in France.