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International Women’s Day celebration at Sneh Girls School

"I dream myself as a doctor serving for deprived community"

Today is International Women’s Day is being celebrated all over the world. Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan also celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm.

An assembly was held to celebrate the women’s day in which a talk was organized on the theme of “Let me touch the sky by breaking all the boundaries” to motivate the girls to speak about their dreams and plans for the future. Some case studies are being shared her that shows that our girls are becoming empowered. They just need an opportunity to show case their talent and opportunity to do something challenging and in the best interest of community and national. And SGSS is providing this opportunity and guidance to empower these girls for future to lead a life with respect and dignity with all rights and entitlements. Some of the case study is being shared of girls who have expressed their dreams, aspiration and future goals. 

I am Saloni. I am studying in Sneh Girls Shikshan Sansthan in class 4th.

I have born and brought in a poor family. In my background there is not a single person who is educated. I am the only girl of this generation who is studying in school. I saw my mother and father struggling for survival. I belong to a nomadic community who moved place to place in search of livelihood.

Traditionally women follow the rules and regulation of parents in youth and after marriage she has to follow her husband and in-laws. This has been happening since centuries but I wish to change this tradition. Today, on the occasion of women’s day I take a resolution that I will received higher education whatever the challenges come on my way I will face all the challenges but I will be a doctor one day.

Being a doctor I wanted to serve for deprived community specially my community. I will treat poor people and make them aware about girl child education. I will work for the prevention of girl feticide that is a sin. I will take stand against this sin and will illuminate the name of my family and community and nation.