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Introduction to hairdressing in Thailand

Our Thai schoolchildren have been introduced to hairdressing

It’s not too late to have a summer haircut! Why not rely on the skills, recent yet mastered, of our young Thai schoolchildren?

About fifty children from our partner schools were trained last 29 August by a team of professional local hairdressers. It is a useful skill that the pupils will be able to practice again throughout the school year. It will serve to reinforce social bonds and boost self-confidence.

La Chaîne de l’Espoir is currently working on the implementation of children’s clubs on various topics (teaching of English using phonics; agricultural projects; young reporters; sex education...), the objective being to playfully deal with concrete issues (strengthening of learning methods and child analytical skills; improvement of nutrition; prevention of early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases; prevention of school dropout...).

Thanks to all for encouraging these activities!