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Kamila's story

Kamila, 5 years old, had open-heart surgery in Kabul

Kamila is a 5-year old little girl. She grew up in a mountain village in the province of Ghazni, in East-Central Afghanistan, surrounded by her ten brothers and sisters. Her father is the local baker.

When she was born, he noticed something unusual in her daughter compared with her siblings. Kamila is a blue child. She breathes heavily and the tip of her fingers is large and blue. Kamila grows up and her state of health deteriorates. She gets short of breath and has a difficult time standing on her legs. Her father worries and decides to take her to a doctor in the provincial hospital. Dr Farludhin suspects a heart problem and directs father and daughter to the Children’s Pavilion at the French Medical Institute for Mothers & Children (FMIC), where he knows a heart surgeon, Dr Bina. During the first consultation, the surgeon immediately diagnoses a congenital defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. A rapid intervention is advised but wait times are lengthy: at least one year. In the meantime, doctors prescribe drugs to support her heart. Then, her father receives a phone call several months later: a vacancy has become available for little Kamila.

Kamila is successfully operated on by Dr Bina

Father and daughter set off and after 3 hours of travelling through mountainous terrain, they arrive at the FMIC. Kamila is admitted in the hospital. She undergoes a series of tests and has open-heart surgery performed by Dr Bina on the following day. The operation is a big success!

After several weeks convalescing, little Kamila is back on her feet and all smiles. Her father is relieved and happy to see his daughter play with the other children, whereas she used to be very solitary. The family meets around Kamila to celebrate this new life. Despite tough weeks spent taking her child to the hospital and feeling anguish and fear, her father keeps good memories of his stay at the FMIC. He is very much obliged to the medical team and wishes to send a message of hope to all the children, who like his daughter, will find kindness and comfort in the Children’s Pavilion in Kabul.

“We have been very well received and supported all along our stay. Meals were always delicious. We were given shampoo and soap and children and parents were accommodated in a comfortable, clean and pleasant place. I am happy to say that today my daughter is cured!”

Kamila’s hospitalisation cost 316,371 afghanis, i.e. 4,000 euros.

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