Lasting legacy

The lasting legacy: a way to make your gift really count

In the 30 countries where we work, the futures of thousands of children remain uncertain. Life there hangs by a thread. That’s why we created the lasting legacy – it’s a way to give regularly by direct debit, making your gift even more meaningful and efficient.

    An effective way to give

    By choosing to help us with a lasting legacy, you are enabling us to respond immediately to our needs. This allows us to pursue our long-term goals and to act quickly during emergencies.


    A flexible way to give

    You can give the amount you wish, when you wish (over a minimum of €5 per month or €15 per quarter). The donation is debited directly from your account. You can increase, decrease or stop the direct debits whenever you wish with just a phone call.

    For you, the lasting legacy means :

    • Your generosity will count all year long
    • You can give support that’s within your means
    • You have the freedom to change or stop your donation whenever you wish
    • Fewer requests from us
    • Favourable tax deductions

    For us, the lasting legacy means :

    • A clearer picture of our resources, so that we can plan ahead
    • We can help the most endangered children without having to wait
    • We spend less money fundraising and in management fees 
    • We can provide help to even more children requiring treatment

    An easy way to give

    For more information, contact Clothilde Dos Santos on 01 44 12 66 49 or email:

    La Chaîne de l’Espoir 

    56 rue des Morillons
    CS 17938
    75730 PARIS CEDEX 15