Mohamed : oesophagus stenosis

Mohamed has been operated in France. He can eat now.

A tube feeding into Mohamed’s stomach. His Mom feed him putting mixed food on his feeding tube. This is the only way for that Guinean boy to eat. His esophagus was burned drinking caustic substance.In France, we can operate Mohamed and help him to enjoy life. 

It is a domestic accident. A bottle of detergent trails on the ground. The child took it. He drank it. We can imagine his pain. And then, the healing. It’s an agonizing pain. The oesophagus shrinks slowly. This kind of home and leisure accident is really frequent and most part of the time affect children. Today, Mohamed can’t eat anything by himself.

In Conakry, Guinea, doctors reacted immediately and took emergency action : they implanted a tube feeding into child’s stomach to feed him with mixed food.

Can you imagine Mohamed’s life ? If nobody helps him, he will never eat normally again. His life's gonna be hell.

All together we can act. We can operate him in Paris, for his oesophagus burned. But this intervention has a cost: 7 200 euros. A commitment of 60 euros, for example, to save Mohamed… and 119 other Internet users will follow you.

Mohamed will be able to grow up normally. Thanks to you.