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A new smile for a new life

Today, we are glad to tell you the story of this charming little boy, Sefatullah.

Sefatullah is a 7 years old Afghan boy who suffered from a congenital cleft lip disease. This pathology is usually treated when the child is still a baby so he can start a normal life. But Sefatullah's father is a shopkeeper and the only worker of his family of 9. They are very poor and couldn't afford the surgery.

When they heard about La Chaîne de l'Espoir's programme, his parents took him from their home province of Ghazni to the Children's House in Kabul. Sefatullah was then admitted to the French Medical Institute for Mothers & Children (FMIC) to receive the cleft lip surgery for free.

The surgery went well and Sefatullah recovered quickly. He is now enjoying his new smile as well as his family!

Thank you all for your support that makes all of these beautiful stories possible.