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World day of children victims of aggression in Thailand

4 June - a day to remember the violence suffered by thousands of young people

The World Day of children victims of aggression aims at acknowledging the suffering endured by children around the world, who are victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse.

It is an opportunity for the local team of La Chaîne de l’Espoir in Thailand to reaffirm its commitment to defending the rights of the child and ensure abused children the protection, care and support required for their development and well-being.

Our concrete actions

With the essential support of sponsors and other donors, this commitment translates into very concrete actions carried away directly with the children.

  • Social and educational projects conducted in 57 partner schools to improve the quality of teaching methods and of school environment, and to contribute to the individual and collective fulfilment of the pupils;
  • School health through prevention and care actions corresponding to previously identified needs (dental care, reproductive and sexual health, nutrition, etc.);
  • Individualised support for the most vulnerable children (domestic violence, sexual abuse, extreme poverty, etc.) provided by the team of social workers in close relationship with the families, the schools and other relevant local actors;
  • The reception, protection and monitoring of children in situations of extreme family, psychosocial and emotional vulnerability inside the House of Hope.

Today, these projects enable the individual accompaniment of close to 1,500 children and the development of collective projects with the 15,000 children attending school in our network of partner schools in the rural province of Buriram in north-east Thailand.

>>For further details about the House of Hope in Thailand.