The Afghan Children’s House

Programme Coordinator : Sophie Tran

La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been active in Afghanistan since 2005. With the opening of the Afghan Children’s House, we have targeted a need to offer accommodation to children from distant provinces. The Afghan Children’s House opened its doors in 2008.

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To give needy children from remote provinces access to medical and surgical treatment by taking responsibility for medical and social care


  • A pre and post-operative treatment centre in Kabul for needy children from the provinces
  • A reception centre and housing for the child’s loved ones
  • A ‘transition house’ between the provinces and the French Medical Institute for Children welcoming disadvantaged children from the provinces for mid length stays, in Kabul for treatment at the FMIC

Children from the provinces and their families are provided with free housing before their operation and during the period of convalescence. These children also benefit from medical and social care as well as the treatments available at the FMIC.

In addition to children undergoing surgery, the house also welcomes children for simple examinations, follow-up, additional check-ups, or second surgeries. 

The children welcomed suffer specifically from illnesses requiring orthopaedic or reconstructive surgery. Other illnesses require general, cardiac, or neuro surgery. 

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The New Afghan Children’s House

Facing growing demand, it was decided in 2013 to increase the capacity of the Afghan Children’s House.

More than 45 children and 12 women will be able to reside there are the same time.

The programme will consist of :

  • Reception areas for the children and their parents
  • Work spaces
  • Rooms for girls, boys, and pregnant women
  • Therapy spaces​

The New Afghan Children’s House is set to open in the spring of 2016.


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