Cuba: Support of the integral development of paediatric surgery

Programme Coordinator: Professor José Uroz

La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been active in Cuba since 2010 in the context of a programme in support of the development of paediatric surgery: reinforcing existing medical competencies, instruction in new surgical techniques, facility renovation and equipment, disposable goods and educational materials supply. Professor José Uroz, an honorary member of the Cuban Society of Paediatric Surgery since 2011, manages this programme.

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To improve access to treatment for patients suffering from urological or maxillofacial ailments, or requiring general paediatric surgery through use of innovative techniques which reduce complications as well as therapeutic, hospitalisation and social costs.


Updating medical teams’ competencies and renovating surgical and hospital facilities


  • Several missions are organised each year. Lasting an average of 8 days, they include theoretical courses and surgical interventions. The programme includes training in new operating techniques for maxillofacial, tracheal and general (laparoscopy, resection and oesophageal dilation) surgery. Training workshops in general surgery are also organised. 
  • La Chaîne de l’Espoir made a financial contribution to the renovation and equipping of Holguin Paediatric Hospital (neonatal surgical unit, conference room, class rooms, doctors’ lounge, and residents’ rooms). Partner hospitals were also furnished with single-use instruments like tweezers or endoscopic surgical instruments.