India: Day Care Centers

Programme Coordinator: Sophie Rollin

Since beginning in 2011, our education programme in India has supported the education of children in extremely vulnerable situations in Jaipur and its environs. La Chaîne de l’Espoir carries its activities out in partnership with TAABAR, an Indian NGO for child welfare.

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  • To give vulnerable children from disadvantaged Jaipur neighbourhoods access to a quality education
  • To perpetuate their education
  • To protect them from the dangers of the street
  • To improve their health


The day centres are part of the education programme in India

  • Welcoming children from disadvantaged Jaipur neighbourhoods at day centres

La Chaîne de l’Espoir runs 5 centres called “Day Care Centers,” into which 1,200 vulnerable children are welcomed. These centres work on a half-day schedule, before or after school.

These are safe places where pupils benefit from tutoring, participate in recreational activities and are made aware of their rights.

Activities in self-expression are an important part of the programming offered to the children. In conjunction with these centres workshops dedicated to mothers have been developed to encourage their autonomy. Two courses are offered, sewing or crafts and aesthetics. 

  • Educational assistance in kind

The children welcomed at the “Day Care Centers” benefit from material support (rucksacks, school supplies, uniforms, clothes and tuition payments) for their education.

  • Healthcare

Several measures have been put in place in order to improve the health of these children. To combat malnutrition and specific diseases, the “Day Care Centers” furnish a daily meal and hygiene kits.
La Chaîne de l’Espoir also runs a mobile clinic providing children and their communities access to care. Via this mobile health unit, working in areas near « Day Care Centers », a medical team provides free care, advice and treatments. The van also serves as a space for dialogue, an essential aspect of preventative care for children.