India: The Sneh Girls School

Programme Coordinator: Sophie Rollin

In India, gender inequality manifests itself in education, and elsewhere, to the detriment of young girls. Poverty and being of a lower cast increase the injustices that they are victims of. In the context of its education in India programme, La Chaîne de l’Espoir fosters their education by providing its support to a school which opened in 2012 to educate girls from lower casts.

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  • To give girls from lower casts access to a quality education
  • To perpetuate their education
  • To improve their health


The Sneh Gilrs School, built in the disadvantage Luniyawas neighbourhood, on the periphery of Jaipur, accommodates 135 girls from nursery through primary school. The quality half-day instruction given is an important value of this establishment.

In nursery, the emphasis is on personal development, gaining autonomy and reinforcing self-confidence. 

In primary school subjects taught include Hindi, English, maths, social sciences, and art (drawing or crafts). Extracurricular activities like sport, dance, singing, or theatre allow children to express their talent and creativity. 

These little girls benefit from a free education. They also receive in-kind assistance in the form of rucksacks, school supplies, uniforms, clothes and hygiene kits, as well as a daily meal at school. Educational support allows them access to help with homework and to monitor their progress. Furthermore, they have access to healthcare via the mobile clinic.