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Our schoolchildren in Thailand take English lessons

New learning methods to teach English to 147 Thai schoolchildren

The level of proficiency in English of Thai people is very low. The sixth edition of the report prepared by Education First shows a worrying trend for Thailand: during the last six years, there has been no or little improvement in the country which ranks 56th among the 72 countries surveyed by Education First in 2016.

The teaching methods used at school do not encourage oral expression and well-trained teachers are difficult to find in rural areas. La Chaîne de l’Espoir has therefore decided to launch a programme to teach English based on phonics.

After a first session last year designed for teachers, a second on-site session was organised in two schools in the Buriram province, Ban Nong Bua school (27 February to 1 March) and Ban Thanon school (6 to 8 March).

147 children and 8 teachers attended this “English by Phonics Happy Camp” enjoying new teaching methods, which place the child at the centre of activities, for a fun way to learn the English language.