Sponsor a child

Sponsorship is a more personal gift and provides long-term assistance to a child – helping them in their daily life and giving them every chance to build a better future.


Building a more personal relationship

You will know the child you sponsor. You’ll receive a copy of their file and receive updates then get news from them in the form of letters or drawings. The child may come from Thailand or Togo, from India, Nepal or even Benin. ... Should you ever have the opportunity to visit their country, we will organise a meeting between for the two of you to meet and show you our local projects.

The guarantee of concrete action

Thanks to you, the child sponsored will receive support that allows them to go to school: 

  • School uniforms and supplies
  • School meals
  • Medical check-ups…

We also put in place projects to complement the support they receive and meet the needs identified in their community:

  • Renovation of school buildings and latrines
  • Creation of school canteens to combat malnutrition
  • Construction of homes for orphaned or abused children
  • Purchase of books for the school library

Did you know ?

On our website L'école à tout prix, you can make one-off donations for specific purposes that will help children on the other side of the world.