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Training of the Malian team in Tunisia

A new example of South-South Cooperation

A Malian medical and paramedical team is about to undergo a 6-month training in Tunisia in view of the opening of the Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit at the Luxembourg Hospital of Bamako in June 2018.

Like the Senegalese medical team who took a 6-month training course in Vietnam  in 2016 for the Dakar Cuomo Centre for Paediatric Cardiology, the Malian team composed of one surgeon, two anaesthetists, two OT nurses and two ICU nurses will benefit from training in cardio-paediatric surgery at the Rabta Teaching Hospital in Tunis.

This programme has been made possible by an agreement signed with Rabta Teaching Hospital and the support of the Pierre Fabre Foundation. Its objective is to make the medical staff of this centre operational as soon as it is open.

Scheduled departure: 8 December 2017 for six of them - Dr Diarra, surgeon, and the 7th candidate will join their colleagues in January, after completion of an initial training at the CCPC in Dakar.

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