Zanjir e Omed’s House : Handing-over of the Keys

The key to a better life

Group of people holding they key to the Zanjir e Omed's House
Handing-over of the Zanjir e Omed's House

Tuesday 19th July 2016 is a new day for the children of Afghanistan.

The construction of the new Zanjire Omed’s House, replacing the current one, has been completed, thanks to the support of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The keys have been delivered to La Chaîne de l’Espoir’s Afghanistan Team on July 19th.

From the beginning of August, the children and their relatives will enjoy their new home. The capacity of the House will be 30% higher with 15 rooms and 45 beds. It will host more than 2000 children in a year, and also women in need of gynecological treatment at the Mother & Child Center of the FMIC. 

The key that gives access to the Zanjir e Omed’s House carries the promise to a better life for these diseased children who have come from all over Afghanistan and for who,  benefitting from quality care was just a dream. It is also and above all a real step forward for the future of the country.

See you in August for the next step: the move into our brand new House!