AFGHANISTAN - Médecin senior, consultant expert en réanimation néonatale

Poste pour l’unité de réanimation néonatale (type 3) de l’Institut Médical Français pour la Mère et l’Enfant (IMFE) de Kaboul. Missions bénévoles de courte durée - Missions de formation pratique et théorique.

The French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC) founded in 2006 is a unique public-private partnership between the Governments of Afghanistan & France, a French NGO - La Chaîne de l’Espoir (CDE) and the Aga Khan Development Network through the Aga Khan University Hospital. FMIC embodies a sign of hope for the medical care of children in Kabul. The Institute has risen to the challenge of charting a course towards sustainable health solutions for Afghanistan. It is the only ISO certified hospital in Afghanistan, aiming to provide compassionate, accessible, cost-effective, high quality care services to the population of Afghanistan.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Programme (PGME) positions FMIC as a regional and national training centre. In 2018, 12 residents graduated.

There is a welfare program to allow poor patients to have access to the hospital. La Chaîne de l’Espoir created the Children’s Pavilion in 2008 in order to give the most vulnerable children from the 34 provinces of Afghanistan and their families access to medical and surgical care at the French Institute for Mothers & Children (FMIC).


Context of the mission

In September 2016, we opened the Mother and Children Unit in Kabul that provides services in gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology :

  • One Neonatology Intensive care Unit of 14 beds.
  • One Obstetrics and Gynecology unit : an outpatient department, 6 delivery rooms, 2 operating rooms, a recovery-high dependency unit of 4 beds and a 54 beds ward.

This new maternity with a level 3 of care, completes the offer of the French Medical Institute for Mother and Children, a general pediatric hospital opened in 2005 certified ISO 9001, which provides hundred beds (86 beds in the inpatient unit, 15 beds in the intensive care and resuscitation department), an operating room (4 rooms), an efficient medical imaging department, a laboratory, a blood bank and a pharmacy. Currently, this hospital is receiving more than 50 interns and several medical and paramedical missions from La Chaîne de l’Espoir for sharing our knowledge and expertise with our Afghan colleagues.

The NICU admits out born and in born babies. Some babies are surgical patients (ie : Esophageal atresia, congenital heart defects).


Description of the job

This job gathers all the tasks of a senior adviser position in France, in Europe. It adds a cultural dimension and it implies to be able to understand and adapt quickly to the culture and to the country practices in terms of newborn resuscitation management.

It is an exciting challenge. The Afghan team neonatologists is composed of a head of department and 2 senior consultants, junior doctors as well as residents in pediatrics. They want the support of an experienced doctor to structure and organize the management of the department, implement developmental care, implement intensive care techniques (particularly non invasive ventilation, parenteral nutrition), implement up to dates protocols. His (her) role will be to ensure an excellent medical management of the patients and to train and daily assist the  Afghan colleagues in their management of difficult cases, to strengthen their skills, the collective organization, to define activity and quality indicators and organize the follow up of NICU patients.

There is a road map who defines the capacity building objectives agreed upon by La Chaîne de l’Espoir missionaries and the local team and each senior consultant of the CDE participates in achieving the objectives, and hands over to the next missionary. It is a team work. Capacity building is implemented through lectures, short theoretical sessions, case analysis, and bedside training. Our philosophy is not a top down teaching plan but involves the local doctors and especially the younger doctors and trainees.

The medical senior neonatologist adviser is part of a multidisciplinary team of La Chaîne de l’Espoir that is working for several years on the project of the Mother and Children Unit. In Kabul, the medical senior neonatologist adviser will belong to an expatriate team composed by long-term expatriates and short-term missionaries performing regular missions ( more than 45 missions in 2018).


Daily life

All expatriates are accommodated on site and fully supported. Security measures are very strict.

But the campus and gardens are vast, the house within the campus is 2mn away from the hospital and very agreeable.

The FMIC has conference rooms connected to the rest of the world, and visio-conference or meetings are often organized.



Experienced neonatalogist who speaks English. 

  • Starting : September 2019.
  • Duration : minimum 2 weeks.
  • Conditions : all expenses paid (travels, accomodation, etc).


How to apply

Documents : CV + Motivation letter

Contacts :