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Children’s Pavilion in Kabul - Report for 2016

2016 Activity Report

Since 2008, La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been preparing and equipping the Children’s Pavilion with the objective of giving access to medical and surgical treatment to poor children from remote provinces by providing medical and social care.

A total of 5,691 children have benefited from this programme since it was initiated. 6,404 operations and over 33,886 consultations have been carried out on patients coming from the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. There has been an increasing number of operations and consultations and the number of patients has progressed by 33% since 2015.

In 2016, this programme benefited 3,559 patients, of which 1,037 new children. On average, 300 children were transferred to France each month and 82 were operated on.

The most commonly treated pathologies related to orthopaedics and cardiac surgery. 735 children were completely cured this year and 102 patients are on the waiting list for future missions. The mortality rate for patients who underwent surgery and the rate of immediate complication or infection following surgery remain minimal.

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