Revenir en arrière 13/12/2016 - FMICkabulwater supply

FMIC water supply project

To guarantee the supply of clean healthy water to the users of Kabul’s hospital

Further to the expansion of FMIC services to mother and neonatal care (gynaecology, obstetrics and neonatology department), it is necessary to provide the hospital with a sufficient clean water supply capacity.

The hospital’s current water needs are 70 m3/day. However, with the opening of the Mother and Child Centre, total needs are estimated at 150 m³/day. The city of Kabul being unable to meet such needs, the hospital has decided to use the water from a 180-metre deep independent well. Yet, the analysis of the well water has revealed three problems: nitrite and nitrate pollution, turbidity, presence of solid residues and potential presence of bacteria.

To guarantee the use of clean water inside the hospital meeting WHO quality standards, the starting up of a water treatment unit is necessary.

This projects reflects a unique partnership between La Chaîne de l’Espoir and French industrialists to provide the best technology has to offer to the most vulnerable:

  • Because clean water is essential for the life of new born babies specially and for quality health care.
  • Because we clearly defend the idea that the most vulnerable also deserve the best.

Thanks to the technical and financial contributions of DOW FRANCE, the FONDS SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT INITIATIVES and the participation of CMA-CGM, the water treatment unit has arrived on FMIC site. It will be installed and operational before the end of 2016, concomitantly with the opening of the Mother and Child Centre.