Opening of the Children's Pavilion in Kabul

On 8 August 2016, the Children's Pavilion opened its doors in Kabul !

We are proud to announce that since 8 August 2016, our young patients from the Children’s House have been settling in their new home: the Kabul Children’s Pavilion.

Our team skilfully carried out the move, with the spontaneous help of parents. This recently completed building is better tailored to sick children’s needs and located on the complex of the French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC), which makes it much easier to provide care and monitor their health status.

Najib Samadi, Director of the Children’s Pavilion: “We are all thankful for your great contribution concerning the Children’s Pavilion and your support to the poorest people in Afghanistan”.

We thank wholeheartedly our team of volunteers for their dedicated work on this project from inception to completion: Mr Muller, Mr Capron and Mr Recevski.

Many thanks to all our financial partners for their support.