Bequests, donations and life insurance

There can be no future without children

You can make La Chaîne de l’Espoir the beneficiary of a bequest, donation or life insurance policy. It’s proof that you are counting on us, it’s a sign of confidence in the work of the organisation founded by Professor Alain Deloche and, above all, it’s a precious resource that ensures our long-term ability to help disadvantaged children.

“Performing operations, helping children to go to school, training medical teams, building hospitals such as those in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Mozambique… our objective is to put in place the means for disadvantaged countries to take their children’s destinies in hand.

We aren’t just there for humanitarian reasons, but to invest in the future!

For our work to really count, we must be able to continue. By deciding to get involved, you are helping us to pursue our goals and develop our projects.

There can be no future without children…

Our sincerest thanks for your support!" 

Éric Cheysson and Alain Deloche

Bequests, donations and life insurance policies

This allows you to make a contribution to La Chaîne de l’Espoir during your lifetime, which we receive and accept. Donations must be registered by a public notary and are irrevocable. 

Life insurance 
You can take out a life insurance policy with a financial institution (bank, insurance company, etc.) and nominate La Chaîne de l’Espoir as beneficiary of all or part of the payment. This arrangement can be changed at any time.

We advise you to always seek the advice of your public notary when arranging your estate.