Medical training

Training local medical teams is a major issue for healthcare development in the countries where we operate. Our training programmes, both theoretical and practical, are designed to provide long-term autonomy.

During our missions

We make to most of our operating mission to transfer our skills and knowledge:

  • With hands-on training during the team’s medical activities (consultations, operations, resuscitation, hospitalisation, etc.)
  • With lectures organised at the hospital or at the university

In our hospitals

The hospitals we have built are the perfect environment for ongoing training and our teams take turns in teaching there.

We make sure that this training is recognised by the local university and work with the relevant authorities to create degree programmes – as we did with the first cardiology programme in Cambodia, awarded as a university degree.

In France

Doctors from the countries we work in can come to France for training:

  • Theoretical – as renewable internships lasting six months to a year
  • Practical – as two-month internships in a university hospital to learn a particular technique