Children’s Pavilions

Children’s Pavilions : a safe place for children on their journey to a full recovery

A significant number of our young patients come from rural areas, far from hospitals and modern medical facilities. Without the financial resources for medical expenses, transportation and accommodation in the area, families often resolve to forego treatment.

To overcome the financial and geographical barriers, La Chaîne de l’Espoir has been building Children’s Pavilions near local hospitals to welcome patients and their families prior to surgery and through recovery. Through these infrastructures, we are able to offer appropriate and high-quality medical treatment for the most vulnerable children free of charge. The pavilions have been created to treat and guide the young patients on their journey to a full recovery, regardless of their social, ethnical, backgrounds, their place of residence or their pathologies.

La Chaîne de l’Espoir built 5 Children’s Pavilions: in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Afghanistan (Kabul), Mozambique (Maputo), Vietnam (Hô Chi Minh) and Senegal (Dakar).

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La Chaîne de l’Espoir covers all the transportation and accommodation costs of the children and accompanying persons, the medical and surgical costs, the staff costs and the operational costs of the Children’s Pavilion.

For example, the total cost for a child operated on is as follows:

  • 3,000 euros for a cardiac pathology.
  • between 600 euros and 1,500 euros for orthopaedic, reconstructive or visceral surgery.