India : Education Programme

Programme Coordinator: Sophie Rollin

Since beginning in 2011, our education programme in India has fostered the education of children in extremely vulnerable situations in Jaipur and its environs. La Chaîne de l’Espoir carries its activities out in partnership with TAABAR, an Indian NGO for child welfare.

En Inde, les enfants défilent pour leurs droits


  • To give vulnerable children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Jaipur access to a quality education
  • To perpetuate their education
  • To protect them from the dangers of the street
  • To improve their health


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La Chaîne de l’Espoir supports 5 day centres for disadvantaged children who are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of the street. In 2012 we committed to encouraging education for girls by giving our support to a school for girls from lower casts. Since 2014, children from isolated communities have benefited from an introduction to education.


Day centers

  • Accommodating children during the day from disadvantaged Jaipur neighbourhoods 
  • Educational assistance in kind
  • Healthcare

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The Sneh Girls School

  • Education for girls from lower casts
  • Material aid for pupils
  • Healthcare

Support of isolated communities

  • Introducing education to children from isolated communities

Teachers give courses to increase awareness of education and hygiene 6 days a week to 200 children and their mothers. These children come from 3 isolated communities, live in very precarious sanitary conditions and do not have access to schools. La Chaîne de l’Espoir’s objective is to develop its support of these isolated communities by putting complete healthcare and education in place for children.