Become a partner

Our partners around the world have helped us to develop and carry out our missions and projects to help children in need.


To develop your image

Promote the ethical profile of your organisation (lawful advocacy) or your professional experience (technical support, such as the creation of a leaflet) to your clients and prospects.

For external communications
Get seen, with the presence of your logo on our newsletters, website, brochures and leaflets.

For internal communications
Foster internal competition (motivate your employees to get involved with our cause, encourage volunteering, etc.)

To help make savings
Donations from businesses are tax deductible.


Financial donations
Take action by paying for an operation for one of our children. A gift of €3,000 gives a child the chance to undergo an operation in their country of origin. €10,000 gives a child the chance to travel to France for their operation. Finance a surgical mission for €10,000 to €50,000, depending on the specialism and country. Or finance the purchase of school satchels and supplies for girls in an Afghan school for €6,000.

Donations in-kind 
You can help by giving things besides money! Your skills or experience allow you to offer us a service, product or access to networks, which are all precious resources.


Offer free advertising or publicity 
Provide access to medical equipment, medicines, operating theatres, etc.
Give a little of your time to provide us with services, such as marketing advice, event management, publicity campaigns, etc.
Offer products or services at cost price, such as transportation, printing, office supplies, etc.

An eye-catching way to get noticed! For a fixed period of time, part of the revenue from the sale of one of your products can be donated to our organisation (a percentage or a fixed amount).

A huge “thank you” to our partners, you have our sincerest gratitude for enabling us to continue saving children around the world!