Our ongoing commitment

Cardiac surgery mission
Julien Gaer, July 2016
From January to June 2016, a total of 28 volunteers of La Chaîne de l’Espoir from France performed 39 missions at the FMIC, with theoretical and practical trainings for the Afghan medical staff.

The missions, supported by the French Embassy of Afghanistan, led to more than 1000 consultations and 250 procedures (cardiac surgery, cardiology, orthopedic surgery and anesthesia procedures).

As part of our E-health programme, we are continuously developing our pediatric tele-echocardiography expertise programme to help diagnose complex cases and develop the FMIC cardiologists' skills. Every week, Professor Sidi from Necker Hospital in Paris provides support to the FMIC cardiologists' team. Over the first half of the year, 88 patients have benefitted from these examinations.

This E-health programme also led us to experience in June a live transmission of an orthopedic surgery from Professor Valenti's operating room in Paris. FMIC's orthopedic surgeons have followed the surgery from Kabul and could participate by asking direct questions to the doctor. A full range of videos are available in replay through a dedicated website.

For the 2nd semester of the year, many missions are scheduled in different fields according to the needs, such as cardiac surgery, anesthesia, gynecology & obstetrics.